Top 10 Baby Sitting Ideas And Activities

Top 10 Baby Sitting Ideas And Activities

Well, you think you won’t have to do this, at least at the moment. But you never know. Imagine, there are a whole lot of relatives in your house and with kids of course and the elders suddenly decide to go out and leave the children with you. You obviously can’t say no as it won’t be polite and your mother won’t like it too. You have no other option than to babysit the children. There may be other occasions too when you have to do that.

The best thing is to learn some tricks to keep children quite and happy at the same time. You must know the basics of everything which is needed in daily life, but babysitting may have crossed the minds of very few. We are one of the few, and here we are helping you with some ideas which may help you to babysit. So here we go with the top ten ideas for babysitting:

Top 10 Baby Sitting Ideas and Activities

10. Pool Games

Pool Games

Kids find water to be fun and on a hot summer day it’s a good idea to go out in the backyard and set a mini pool. Just pick some water games, water guns and pool toys and you are ready for a pool party with the kids. Create some splash and get wet with kids. You won’t find kids to be a headache and can really have fun with them this way. Make sure that they do not spend too much time in the water as they are easy target to infections and can catch cold easily. Make it a short affair.

9. Cartoons


If you can’t manage kids at all, the simplest thing to do is to turn on the television and set it to some cartoon channel. It is a life line when you are not a kid loving person. While they are watching TV you can finish your other chores. But make sure they are at a safe distance from the television as it can harm them and also limit their time of watching television.

8. Food


Give them something to eat as they will soon feel hungry and unable to express their hunger they will do other irritating activities like crying, throwing things, etc. Kids love colorful and interesting snacks like sandwiches, candies or fruit juices are some healthier options. While you cook something for them you can also involve them to help you as kids are willing to help, ask them to set plates, wash fruits and veggies for you. Surely, it will help you to manage with the kids without a headache.

7. Stroll Around

Stroll Around

If allowed by their parents and if it is safe, you can take them to the nearby park or to your garden for a stroll. Let them play by themselves or you can include with them. Sometimes it feels good to be among children and act childish again. Also, the children will be amused to go outside; they will play by themselves and won’t bother to trouble you. But be careful that the kids are not too naughty to manage; taking them outside can be dangerous then. Take them out only when you are sure that you can get them home safe and sound. If, you are left alone with some really notorious kids avoid going out as it may prove a bad idea.

6. Music


Music is soothing for everybody. For children it’s enthusiastic. Just turn on the music, some track on which they can dance. And soon you will find out that they are moving their bodies to the beat. Children enjoy music as much as you. If you can bear, you can also allow them to make their own music. Offer them some utensils and a stick and they will create their band in no more than few seconds. It may sound little noisy to you, but isn’t it better than they crying loudly and their parents appear suddenly?

5. Reverse Roles

This is the best way if you want to do nothing. Let them do it for themselves as well as you. Tell them to babysit you. Yes, they will enjoy it. Kids enjoy if you ask them to do something for you. They feel happy when they are successful in completing a task. For example ask them to get something from the fridge or ask them do something else for you.

4. Creative Things

You can also do some creative things with them. Children love to try new things. For example make use of the colors you no more use. Give them a sheet of paper each and colors. Let them draw anything. This not only will consume their time but also will make them happy. Colors are the one thing children crave for. Give them crayons and they won’t ask for anything more than an extra sheet of paper. You will also find it interesting to see them, making different patterns on the paper.

3. Story Books/ Stories

If you are a story teller, half of your work is done. Though, you don’t have to be very good at it. Children love to listen to stories. You can also check in your old books shelf if you have some colorful book with a whole lot of pictures in it. Children love it. Don’t worry if you can’t find one. Just cook up stories in your mind and narrate it to them. Anything will do. Stories with morals can also act as positive learning for them. Include them as the characters of the stories; children are excited when they find their names in the story. It’s not a difficult job.

2. Games

This is something interesting, for you as well as the children. Children love to play games, whatever it may be. A puzzle can be one of the best things you can offer to children. They will be happy to get the pieces together. It will consume their time and you won’t have anything to do except sitting beside them and encouraging them. If there are other games available you can go for it or just create games out of things around. For example you can setup a musical chair competition if there are enough children. They will enjoy it for sure.

1. Toys

When we think of something for children, a toy is what comes to our minds immediately. It is pretty obvious that children are very fond of toys. If you are left alone at the house with a child or a few children, go to the store room and you may get some toys to give them so that they won’t be troublesome to you.

Don’t pre assume that they want new and latest toys; they are not teenagers who won’t settle for anything less than the latest in the market. Give them anything as a toy and they will play with it, even your plastic curls can act as a toy for them.