Tips On Choosing Kids Toys

Tips On Choosing Kids Toys

Now there’s a cute baby who fulfill the happiness of your family. With each passing month, the little one will continue to grow and thrive. One way to support its development is to choose the right toys according to age. Your baby is adorable and increasingly getting smarter. You’ll often be amazed by its development.

At birth at the age of 0 months, babies can not see, then at the age of 1 month have started to recognize the face of his father and mother. Similarly with other developments when he was growing. You also often made ​​not wait to see the progress for the progress of the other little one.

To support the growth and development of infants through the award of stimulation, can be done by introducing a variety of toys. Not only children ages toddlers and young children who love to play, the baby was also happy to play. Many new things that will be obtained by the baby through the game, for example, parents can provide fine motor stimulation to the small. However, the selection of appropriate toys should be adjusted for age. Here is his review.

Toys For Children Aged 1-2 Months

When a new baby is 1-2 months old, the little one was learning to recognize the faces of the people around him, the father and mother. She learned to recognize the voice and the music that is played. At this age, she can stimulate the ability to see and hear.

The ability to see it can be stimulated by introducing a variety of brightly colored toys, such as red, yellow, blue, and green. Because infants at this age have not been able to do a lot of movement, the toy can be hung above the bed or baby crib. Meanwhile, the ability to hear, can be stimulated by introducing the dolls that can move and make a sound that will attract attention.

Toys For Children Aged 3-8 Months

At the age of 3-8 months, the little vision is still quite short. He would be interested in contrasting colored objects that you do not move away from the vision. Let’s say you move the colorful toys to the left and to the right.

You will see the little one glance to the left and right to follow the movement of the toy. At this age, is a good time to introduce games that can stimulate the audio and visual. Some toys you can introduce the little one at the age of 3-8 months are:

Colored Toys

At this age the little one is happy to see the colorful objects that emit sound. You can hang these types of toys in her bed. This will stimulate the audio-visual responses in infants so that the desire to achieve it.

Mirror Made Of Plastic

Recommend little one with a mirror made of plastic so it is safe for him. Take it and play-a-boo mirror. Peekaboo is once again able to stimulate the child’s ability to speak. Mothers also may introduce parts of the face in the mirror when a child.

Colorful Balls

Not only boys who like the ball. Baby girl likes to see the colorful balls. Give the colorful balls for the Small to train it to recognize shapes and colors. It can simultaneously stimulate visual development in infants.

Toys For Children Aged 9-12 Months

At this age, most children are adept at crawling and learning to walk with the creep and creep. Even at this age, some are already able to walk. Mothers should choose appropriate toys to stimulate their development. Toys of this type will support children’s ability to recognize vocabulary at this age because he was getting to know the name of the surrounding objects.

Toys That Can Be Driven

Little has been happy to move anywhere and learn to walk. Choose toys that can be pushed to help the little one goes to hone skills. Toys that pushed this, such as cars, wagon toys, and others.