Sensory Toys For Babies - Ultimate Baby Toys

Sensory Toys For Babies – Ultimate Baby Toys

Besides for puppies and kittens, babies are quite possibly the cutest little things in the world. Behind those cute little baby faces and bushels of soft smooth chubby baby skin is one of the most powerful things in the world – the developing brain. A baby’s brain starts developing almost from the start at conception, and over the years there has been multiple studies done that show how important it is to stimulate a baby’s brain and learning process from the time they are in the womb.

During the first 3 years of life is when your baby’s brain is going triple in weight and develop about one-thousand trillion nerve connections; This makes it one of the most important time periods, if not the most, to stimulate your child with multiple learning and playing techniques for the sake of their brain development.

Sensory toys are one of the best ways to help your baby become a smart, alert, and articulate little human that has good hand-eye coordination and strong cognitive skills.

What Are Sensory Toys?

They are a certain type of toys that is meant to stimulate your baby’s senses and brain while he or she plays with them. Different types of baby sensory toys include teething rings, moldable toys like play dough, toys that make sounds, puzzle toys, and typically any type of toy that stimulates more than one of your child’s five senses.All of the best baby books will tell you that taking your child for walks outside and engulfing them in different scenarios around people, busy places, and even noisy events will help stimulate their senses and help accelerate their learning.

Well, it’s the same thing with toys. Instead of letting your child play with your keys, there are certain types of special key rings for babies that consist of different colors, shapes, sizes, and even make special noises when they are moved in a certain way. Babies are smart, so when they start playing with a toy like that they are noticing all of the different capabilities it has, and as time goes on they are learning how to explore, investigate, and solve various types of situations.

Seems a little far-fetched that babies can learn so much from their toys?

Well, when you think about it that’s even how adults learn. In today’s modern world, adults are mainly learning how to do new things through various apps they download. We are willing to bet that you played Candy Crush or some type of solitaire app at one point in time. Whether it’s how to swipe and click through a shopping app, or how to build an army an attack opponents in a cool new game app, adults are constantly evolving their learning capabilities and expanding their minds. Think about when somebody buys a piece of furniture from IKEA; Assembling that piece of furniture might seem like a near impossible task, but by the time you have put together a couple tables and few chairs it gets a lot easier and might take you only 3 hours as opposed to 4 or 5 (wink wink jokey joke).

Sensory toys for babies should accomplish this same feat and help them develop the memory, hand eye coordination, and motor skills needed to accomplish the many different challenges that life throws at us.After scouring just about every toy available on Amazon, which is about every toy available for sale in the world, we have identified the top 5 sensory toys that every baby should have.

Best 5 Sensory Toys For Babies

1) Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube

This magical cube will not only entertain your baby for hours, but with a touch of a button your baby will be able to hear some amazing sounds from popular classical musical instruments such as the harp, french horn, piano, violin, and flute. Not only will your baby’s brain be stimulated by the wonderful sounds of music, but they will gain some very valuable skills as they play with the cube and learn that the types of sounds and songs they hear is up to them.

Munchking Mozart Magic Cube

The type of instrument and song that plays depends on where your baby presses and pushes on the cube. Not only is their hearing stimulated, but since the Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube lights up and flashes along with the music tempo they will be visually stimulated as well.It sounds simple, but this genius combination of lights and music will teach your child rhythm and melodies. Experts say that the left side of your brain is the region that handles music and math, so ideally this should help develop your baby’s multiplication and algebra skills at a very early age.

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Don’t you want a tiny little Mozart Einstein hybrid baby? Another major benefit of this amazing baby toy is that instead of hearing your baby scream and cry, they will be too busy listening to the delightful sounds of musical instruments while they discover that they have the power to control and manipulate the world around them. Don’t worry, the music is not that loud.

2) Skip Hop Treetop Friends Activity Gym

This is one of the pricier sensory toys on our list, but it is well worth it! The Skip Hop Treetop Friends Activity Gym is like a a entire fantasy world of fun and learning for a baby. Not only does it come with five different very cute stuffed animals that dangle from the top, but it also has a mirror, sounds that are built in and different textured graphics that stimulate your baby’s brain to the fullest.

Skip Hop Treetop Friends Activity Gym

This Activity Gym is perfect for tummy time, and in turn it can actually give you some much needed mommy or daddy time since the little one will be kept entertained for a while. Babies love to play with things that make sounds and swing back and forth, so the fact that the Skip Hop Gym comes with leaves that crinkle, a flower that squeaks, and friendly little stuffed characters will just flat out delight them.

Overall there about seventeen developmental activities to engage your baby’s brain. You can let them have some valuable tummy time while they play with the textured graphic mat, or you can get involved and have a cool imaginative bonding experience with your baby by making up names and backstories for the animals. Sometimes characters can be a little creepy, scary, or boring, so the fact that these soft little faces are cute and friendly sealed the deal for us. Babies can really pick up on facial expressions, so it’s very cool that these 5 Treetop Friends are smiling and sending your precious little one good vibes. Another major plus about the Skip Hop Treetop is that it is a fairly good looking toy.

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A lot of floor toys can be very bulky and ugly, but this a smaller Activity Gym that looks clean, modern, and cute. Just in case you were worried about having mirror glass around your cub, know that the one in the tree trunk is baby friendly and shatter proof (as if a baby can break it anyway), and if needed you can remove and wash it. Lastly, it comes with thirteen loops that you can use to adjust the length at which the characters dangle, that way you can choose if baby relaxes and stares or engages and plays.

3) Tinabless Teething Toy Keys

Teething toys for babies are one of the most important sensory toys you can buy for your child. Have you ever noticed how babies like to put everything in their mouth? That’s because they are naturally curious about things and much like dogs (we’re sure your baby is much cuter), one of your baby’s main ways of investigating an object is to put it in their mouth and taste it. That’s why we must recommend this very soft, colorful, baby safe set of silicone teething toys made by Tinabless.

Tinabless Teething Toy Keys

I know that you’re concerned with your baby’s well-being when it comes to putting things in their mouth, so the most important thing we can mention here is that these teething toys are FDA approved and are actually made with food-grade silicone. There is not one chemical or material in this toy that even comes close to be questionably dangerous. Now that we got that out of the way we’d like to highlight something very cool about these soft fun teethers – you can put them in the freezer!

That’s right, all you need to do is put these in the freezer, or refrigerator, for about 15-30 minutes and your baby will have a refreshingly cool toy to play with. This can be very good for the outdoors if it’s hot, or even inside just to add an extra level of sensory stimulation for your child.

Worried about your baby dropping them on the floor? Fear no more, because these cute little chewy fruits come with a pacifier clip and 4 holes at the bottom of each toy so that you can string it through if needed. In the case that your baby drops them on the dirty ground anyway, all you need to do is wash them off with warm water and soap to get them clean again. Each little fruit tree is soft and bendable, but the stem is firmly attached to the fruit bouquet at the top so they are not going to separate ever.

As your child plays with this toy they are going to be stimulated by the bright colors, pleasured by the feel of the soft silicone on their gums, and educated since you can teach them about different fruits – grapes, pineapples, oranges, and strawberries. Talk about what color they are and how each one tastes. In the very unlikely case that your baby hates this toy and doesn’t want to chew on it, Tinabless offers a 100% money back guarantee.

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The fact that this comes as a four pack is great too, because once those little baby chompers start coming in more and more they are going to wear a little, so in that case you can whip out a fresh one for baby to use. Also, it’s fun to lay them all out and see which one your baby is more inclined to play with. Do they like strawberries more or grapes? There’s only one way to find out!

4) Sassy Wonder Wheel Activity Center

This mesmerizing toy will keep your baby busy for hours, and the best part about it is that it cost under $10! The Sassy Wonder Wheel Activity Center is one of the most effective sensory toys on the market. The multiple colors and shapes alone are enough to entertain your baby, so the fact that it spins and has colorful moving balls within the wheel and makes noise as it turns is sure to seal the playtime deal. Your baby is going to have a blast spinning the wheel, exploring the different textures, and grabbing the rings at the base of the toy.

Sassy Wonder Wheel Activity Center

These days, baby toys can cost a lot of money and the worst part about it is that there’s a chance they can just drop or knock over the toy and break it. However, the bottom of the Sassy Wonder Wheel is a suction cup, so if your baby grabs it with a little extra power it is not going to go anywhere. This will ensure that you don’t have to replace this toy due to a silly accident.You can stick the Sassy Wonder Wheel on to the top of baby’s play table, or stick it to the kitchen table so that he/she is entertained while the family eats.

The balls do make noise as the wheel spins, but this toy is not so annoying that you won’t be able to hear yourself think and want to pull your hair out. It makes just enough noise to fully grab your baby’s attention, and that is really going to help them make connections between sight, sound, and touch. If you’re looking for an inexpensive sensory toy that has the potential to last a long time and keep your baby occupied for fairly long periods of time, then this would be a great option. This toy really reminded us of the “lawn mower” that has a lot of little colorful balls inside, and when the child pushes it the balls pop around and make a lot of noise.

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With the Sassy Wonder Wheel your baby is going to get that same type of satisfaction since the balls inside the clear wheel will be moving and falling all around, and the best part is you are not going to come anywhere close to the level of annoyance that you would reach with that lawn mower ball toy. Another big plus is that your baby is able to play with this toy while sitting or standing, they don’t have to be on the move and constantly followed.

5) Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat with Tray

We admit, this is one sensory toy that does not have a catchy name, but we could not deny the fact it can add tremendous value to your baby’s learning process and life. This is another great multi-purpose toy that does not cost an arm and a leg. Considering everything the Fisher-Price Floor Seat does, it really does have good value.

Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat with Tray

It takes time for babies to learn how to walk, crawl, and even sit up on their own; That’s why it’s a good idea to have at least one cool seat toy for your baby to enjoy. Instead of getting frustrated trying to sit up and not fall over, your baby can take a load off and just relax in the Floor Seat. It supports them and helps them sit up strait while at the same time providing them with some great sensory stimulation. While they relax within the cushy grasp of the very cute smiling lion, they have the option to play with two toys that are attached to the padded area next to the tray.

The two toys they can play with are little linked rings that are made of different shapes – one of them is a mini lion rattle that even has feet your baby can chew and teeth on, and the other is made of sliding rings that clack around and make fun noises.If you’re not sold already, well it’s important you know that the Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat comes with a detachable tray; So if you would like to give your adorable growing baby a snack or meal it is totally possible to do that without creating a horrible mess; That can definitely make for a good break from their traditional high chair in the kitchen.

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You can hang out in the living room while you snack and watch TV, and a few steps away is cute baby babe on the floor just chilling, stimulating their mind with fun and possibly even enjoying a snack. What’s really cool is that on the bottom of the seat there are colorful spotted pads that make very fun squeaky sounds when kicked and pressed. This will encourage your baby to kick around and step their little feet, helping to speed up the learning process when it comes to walking and crawling. Rewarding babies for certain things and encouraging specific movements are some of the main purposes that baby sensory toys should achieve, and this friendly little lion seat does all of that.

There Are So Many Different Baby Toys On The Market

If you don’t do your research you might waste your money on something that your child does not enjoy. Besides for reading cool articles like this, we think the best way to find good toys for your baby is to get out there and talk to other parents. Whether it’s in your mommy-and-me class or at the grocery store, ask other parents what their favorites are. These days, so much marketing goes into the toy business and these corporations are not always peddling the best products.Sensory toys should play a big role in your baby’s brain development and cognitive functions, but they should also be fun, safe, and affordable. After all, babies grow fast and play hard, so it is nice to have toys that are durable and have the ability to last a couple years into their toddler-hood. Keeping your baby occupied and entertained is the key to getting little time to yourself to just relax and take a load off. We don’t want you to go into the other room and take a nap, but every now and then it is nice to just sit back and watch your baby play without having to be on high alert.

Safety Should Always Come First With Baby Toys

Making sure toys are safe and don’t have any choking hazards should be the top priority. With all of the toys we recommended above, you can have peace of mind knowing there are no small objects your baby can put into their mouth and choke on. Also, there are no sharp edges or pointy ends that will damage their soft smooth baby skin. Another thing that you want to be careful about is material; Whenever you buy toys for baby boys or toys for baby girls make sure the materials are not toxic and that in the rare case your child does ingest something they are not going to be harmed. We all know that the first thing babies like to do is put things in their mouth. We’ve all heard stories about babies eating stuff and kids getting things stuck in their nose. For whatever reason they are going to do it. The only thing you can do to protect them from themselves, besides for keeping a close watch on them at all times, is ensuring the toys they play with are safe – not sharp, no pointy edges, non-toxic, no small pieces that can be swallowed, and no parts or pieces that can be broken or torn off and eaten.

Here at our main goal is to highlight the best toys on the market, and while doing so we try to give good tips and advice to educate parents on toys and other aspects of keeping your baby comfortable, safe, and happy. School districts and the educators within will play a large role in your child’s development once they reach elementary school, middle school, and if you can imagine…. high school. However, for now you are your baby’s biggest tool when it comes to developing their brains and senses.We hope that this article was useful for you! If it was, please share with all of your mommy and daddy friends!