Huggies UltraTrim Diaper Review

Huggies UltraTrim Diaper Review

Huggies Ultratrim diaper is a nice diaper with a good sponge factor. It is very thin in its composure and is not quite comfortable. These may not be good diapers if your baby has started crawling. However it is designed in order to prevent leakages and it may be good for small babies since their stools are quite liquid.

Pampers Swaddlers on the other hand is several times better because of the comfort level that is being offered from the thickness as well as the starchiness of the diaper. Ultra trim is nowhere close to swaddles especially in this category.The picture on the left shows soft tabs and these are important for the safety.

Huggies UltraTrim Diaper

These diapers has nice and soft fastening tabs which hold the diaper in place well and which do not pinch if they touch your baby’s body. However it could have more softness. There is one major drawback in this diaper. The back of the diaper has a hard spot in the inner layer. This hard spot is not only hard, but it is also grainy and some small sand like grains are sticking out of the surface layer. It might not be that relevant if your baby is rolling on the tummy most of the time, but it sure does matter for the infant who is always laying on her back. Beach sand is nice at the beach but not in the underwear!

Size wise all Huggies diapers are quite small, and Huggies ultra trim is not an exception. If you need size 1, you might as well buy size 2 and that will fit your baby just perfectly. Sometimes this makes us wonder, if the manufacturer is doing this on purpose, to make the consumers buy a higher size thus reducing the quantity of the diapers inside a pack thereby making a higher profit. It might not seem so, since the difference could only be in cents rather than dollars on each sale, but when you sell millions of packs, the difference could be in hundreds of thousands of dollars. Again, this observation is based on the time while we were writing this review, and things may have changed now. So, please check it out for yourself.

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While taking into consideration all the pluses this diaper has (decent sponge factor, fine elasticity, decent looks, effective leakage protection, gentle fastening tabs), one can conclude that it is a decent diaper. We currently do not have the exact picture of the Ultratrim diaper. The picture shown here is another diaper from the same manufacturer. We think this diaper may have been discontinued in some parts of the country.

Considering the cost factor, UltraTrim is not cheap since it is a brand name diaper from Huggies. Like we always say, a premium price always goes along without saying for brand name diapers.  Based on your test sample and experience you can decide if you really want to pay the price for a diaper that does not score well on the comfort category.