How To Get Rid Of Diaper Rash The Natural Way

How To Get Rid Of Diaper Rash The Natural Way

The health of our baby always brings joy to us parents. When we first brought our little guy home, we’d check on him for what seemed like every 15 seconds. Just to make sure he was doing okay.It’s normal, though. You want what’s best for your baby, and you want him or her to be as healthy as possible. Then there are the little things. The things that don’t mean your baby is unhealthy, but maybe just uncomfortable. Or unhappy.

One of those things is diaper rash. No parent likes to deal with it, it makes you feel horrible for your kid. And let’s be honest, it’s no fun for the baby either. Diaper rash refers to any skin irritation occurring on the area covered by a diaper. Many people confuse diaper rash to be a sign of poor parenting skills.

Not always the case. So it’s important for parents to know the real causes of diaper rash before treating it. Diaper rash can happen when the baby’s poop or pee sits against them for long periods of time. The skin is sensitive down there!

As a result, a ‘burning effect’ is usually created on the skin. As gross as it sounds, it offers a breeding ground for fungi, yeast and bacteria. Nasty.

Other causes can be irritation, friction, fungal or yeast infections, and allergic reactions. Diaper rash can be quite a menace. There are plenty of creams and medicines to help clear it up. But personally, I don’t like using chemicals or things I don’t know the ingredients of on my baby.Here are some of the natural ways you can help clear up your baby’s diaper rash:

1. Change diapers often

Prolonged exposure of your baby’s sensitive skin to soiled diapers can result in severe cases of diapers rash. So it’s important to always change the baby’s diapers often. Many parents view frequent changing of diapers as common sense. But there are some parents who take long before changing diapers. Research shows that you should always check the diapers every 3 hours at the most. Even better, always change them immediately they are wet or soiled.

2. Coconut oil

To help prevent future effects of diapers rash, coconut oil can be an essential element. Coconut oil contains antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral components These play a vital role in getting rid of bacteria, yeast and virus. For example, diaper rash caused by Candida yeast can be eliminated by coconut oil.Before using coconut oil, wash and dry your child. Specifically the ass. Once your baby’s butt is dry, apply the coconut oil on their skin. Always use cold-pressed or virgin coconut oil. It helps provide a soothing effect on the irritated skin.

3. Vinegar

Now I’m going to go all Bill Nye on you. So when your baby pees in his or her diaper, it gets soaked with pee. Duh. But what happens after some time is the urine becomes extremely alkaline. It then starts to burn your baby’s skin. So to reduce this burning effect, you can apply vinegar as a natural remedy. Vinegar helps in balancing the high pH of the pee (and poo too).

First make a weak vinegar solution by adding a teaspoon of vinegar to a cup of water. Remove the soiled diaper then wipe the baby’s bottom with this solution. If it’s working, repeat it each time you change your baby’s diaper. If you use reusable or cloth diapers, rinse them in a vinegar solution after washing them. Just add a half cup of vinegar to half full bucket of water then rinse the diaper. Besides removing soap, the solution also gets rid of the urine smell.

4. Oatmeal

Oatmeal contains a high amount of protein that’s vital in providing a soothing effect on the baby’s sensitive, soft skin. Additionally, it offers a natural skin protective barrier that helps reduce effects of the alkalinity of pee. Research also shows that oatmeal contains saponin, a chemical compound essential in removing unwanted oils and dirt from the skin pores.Using oatmeal to treat diaper rash involves the use of a blender. Blend the oatmeal by mixing it on the highest setting then blend until it turns into a fine powder. Add a tablespoon of the dried oatmeal powder to the baby’s bath water. Then mix the water until it has a silky feel. Let the baby stay in the water for 15 minutes. The water offers a soothing effect. To get rid of diaper rash, bathe the baby in the solution twice daily.Other natural ways of getting rid of diapers rash include applying any of the following:

  • Breast milk
  • Cornstarch
  • Baking soda
  • Petroleum jelly

You can also try using cloth diapers or just expose your baby to fresh air. Be careful of getting peed on, though.So the next time your little guy or girl gets a red butt from diaper rash, consider trying a natural method to clear it. More than likely you’ll have the materials on-hand. Not to mention they’ll be soothing for your baby!

What types of natural diaper rash remedies have you tried? Please share below! As a reminder (and in case you’ve forgotten by now) I’m not a doctor. These are simply some natural remedies you can try for diaper rash. If you’re concerned about your baby’s health, make sure you see a doctor or medical professional immediately.