Homemade Baby Shower Favors

Homemade Baby Shower Favors

Baby showers are all about the gifts. There are registries, lists of essentials and the mom-to-be’s personal favorites and ideas about what she wants and needs. But it’s important to remember the guests. They should be honored in some way for coming to the shower and celebrating with the mom to be too. If you think just slightly outside the box you’re sure to find ideas for personal, homemade baby shower favors that are fun to make and receive. Consider the following:


Since we are celebrating a new life, consider giving a new life. This is an inexpensive option perfect for the baby shower host who has a bit of time to make these, or a few helping hands. You will be giving the guests a flower bulb in a tiny pot they can take home and plant – a reminder of new life.You will need: paint and brushes, small flower bulbs, tiny clay pots (about 1” around), tulle or cellophane and ribbon.

1. Paint the pots in the color of choice. Obvious choices are blue for a boy to be, or pink for a girl, but if the gender’s not known, consider yellow, green or – for fun – pink and blue stripes. Drop one or two flower bulbs in the pot (depending on the exact size of the pot and the size of the bulbs you might fit one or more than one bulb in the pot).

2. Type up a special message to the guests. Something aligned with the gift makes sense—“when you plant this bulb, think of (mom-to-be’s name) and the love you gave her on this special day”. Copy and paste the message as many times as you need it, print on nice cardstock and cut the strips out.

3. Tuck the message strips in the pot with the bulb and wrap the tiny pots up in cellophane or tulle. Tie with a pretty ribbon in coordinating colors.


Consider providing a treat for the guests to take home and enjoy later. If the party host or helpers are bakers, this is a delicious, popular and easy party favor. There are a variety of options here, but make the treat look special. Wrap it up in something more than plastic wrap. If you’re going to provide a food item, also think beyond the store-bought items that are so popular, like chocolates and Jordan almonds (yes, even at baby showers these ubiquitous nuts are popular). Here are some ideas:

Brownies wrapped in cellophane and tied with ribbon and tiny plastic baby shoes.

Several peanut butter cookies stacked in a cellophane bag and again, wrapped with pretty ribbon.

Homemade jams or jellies with a homemade label honoring the mom-to-be are popular and will last longer than a basic brownie or cookie (and might even get shared).

Give guests their own “bun” by making up a big batch of cinnamon rolls and wrapping them individually as baby shower favors. This is cheap, fun and sure to be popular.


Soap making has become a popular hobby and can be easy to make, with melt and pour products available at most craft stores. The fun here is you can buy forms in various shapes. Look for shapes relevant to the baby shower. This could be particularly fun if mom knows if she’s having a boy or girl. If a boy, how about soaps in insect or car shapes? If a girl, what about soaps in the shapes of flowers, hearts and butterflies?

Again, keep the presentation fun. Put the soaps in tiny cellophane bags tied with ribbons or, for a simpler presentation, put them in a pretty basket by the front door so guests can choose their favorite as they leave.