Choosing The Best Day Care For Your Baby

Choosing The Best Day Care For Your Baby

There comes a time when you have to go back to work and your toddler needs to be left at daycare or preschool. The separation pain usually makes every morning, wet from tears. With a heavy heart you leave your child feeling guilty when you hear the sobbing behind the closed door. Or maybe you are sneaking out secretly while your child is engaged in something else and doesn’t see you leave? Here are some tips how to make the transition to a day care easier on both of you.

Choose daycare together. Take your child with you while searching for preschool. Let him choose which group of people and which teacher he will like more. This will help to familiarize him with his preschool before hand and he will feel less afraid and more confident.

Talk to your child about the change in your lives; tell him about the preschool, how is it going to be there. Knowledge will reduce the fear of the unknown and will make a transition easier. No matter what age, talk to your child because your little one is capable of understanding some things.

Start with leaving your child for only couple of hours if possible and then gradually increase the time span until he can stay for the entire day. This will help to reduce the shock of separation and staying in a place full of strangers. It doesn’t matter that your child feels confident from the very beginning, you still should plan increasing the time span he stays in preschool only gradually.

Sometimes moms fail to come to pick their children on time and children wait with anxiety; maybe mommy will never come to get them? Keep your promises! Lets say you promised your son to come and pick him up just after dinner. Children ate their dinner and are gradually leaving home with their parents and you are still not there. For you it might seem like a few minutes which you spent stuck in traffic but for your son it is a trauma. He feels abandoned, wonders if you will ever show up. Don’t be surprised if the next day, your “always eager to go to preschool child” refuses to go whatsoever. Keep your promises. Your child should know whom and when somebody from family members will come to pick him up. If you are consistent in your words and actions your child will feel more secure, will trust you more and feel important and loved.

Don’t ever escape secretly from preschool after your child starts playing without saying good-bye to him. It is a tempting way to avoid tears, but escaping is even worse than crying. If you suddenly disappear your son will stop trusting in you. Remember, your little one does not know when and if you are going to return. He will be afraid to be left anywhere, even at home and cling to you all the time. Thus tell your child good-bye before leaving, explain to him that you or his dad will come to pick him up after he eats his dinner and keep your promises!