Baby Shower Advice by Baby Buyer's Guide

Baby Shower Advice by Baby Buyer’s Guide

When possible, take the time to make answer sheets for the written games and print a copy for each guest—this will make it easier for the host to explain directions and calculate scores.

Letter Jumble

Rearrange the letters to reveal a common baby term. Make a master game sheet and make copies. This game can be played individually or in teams.

When We Were Babies

Ask guests to bring their own baby picture. Then, number each photograph and have guests to guess who the adult for each baby picture.

Journal Project

Circulate a bound journal for each guest write a note to mother and baby. This is a fun activity that will produce a cherished keepsake.

Around the Tummy of the Mummy

Using a ball of string, twine or yarn, have guests cut a length that they think will match the circumference of the mother’s belly.

Baby Shopping

Purchase ten inexpensive baby items. Make a numbered list of each item and its store price, then remove the price tags. Guests are given a sheet of paper with an answer column with the names of the items, numbered one to 10. In an adjacent column, the store prices will be randomly listed, from A to K. Have each guest match the product with the correct price.

What’s In Baby’s Diaper?

Gather ten items with unique scents and place or pour each one in a different diaper. Examples include buttermilk, lemon juice, strawberry jelly, vinegar, ketchup, chocolate ice cream, motor oil and just about anything else around the house. While blindfolded, guests will smell each diaper and guess the contents. Assign someone to write down all answers. This game can be played individually or in teams—just be creative. It’s also a great source for fun party photographs.

Guess What’s for Dinner

Purchase ten varieties of baby food in glass jars. Make a numbered list of the contents of each jar, then remove the labels and write its number on the lid and jar with a Sharpie. Guests are given an sheet of paper with an answer column numbered one to 10 and a corresponding column with the name of each baby food randomly listed from A to K. Examining the color and smell of each jar, each guest will try to match the jars with the correct contents.

Baby Bottle Races

Fill a small baby bottle with a beverage for each guest, and have a race to see which guest can drink their bottle the fastest, using the nipple. One-on-one races are the most fun.

Board and Box Games

Don’t forget about standard party favorites such as CatchPhrase, Cranium and Pictionary. Your guests will probably be familiar with them and already know how to play.

User Suggestions

Do you have any baby shower games to share with us?