Baby Einstein Exersaucer - Around The World Discovery Center Review

Baby Einstein Exersaucer – Around The World Discovery Center Review

The Baby Einstein Exersaucer – Around The World Discovery Center gives your baby the opportunity to experience sights and sounds from around the world. With 12 different activities and a musical piano with 3 modes, including melodies, nature sounds, and color learning in English, Spanish, and French, your baby will never get bored.The Baby Einstein Exersaucer Around The World Discovery also includes a penguin top spinner, click-clack giraffe toy, rocking parrot toy, panda teeter-totter with rattling beads, a globe shaped teether, and a lion puppet and drum so that you can join in the fun! This Baby Einstein Exersaucer also folds up flat for storage and has a removable seat pad that’s machine washable!

Baby Einstein Exersaucer Features

  • Baby Einstein Exersaucer – Around The World Discovery12 Total activities for baby
  • Exersaucer seat rotates 360 degrees and pad is removable and washable
  • Musical piano with 3 modes: melodies, nature sounds, and color learning
  • Teaches in 3 languages: English, Spanish, and French
  • Includes new Baby Einstein World Music with real-life imagery
  • Removable discovery cards with real-life imagery and textures
  • Lion puppet and drum allows for baby-parent interaction
  • Penguin top spinner with swirling beads
  • Click-clack giraffe toy
  • Panda teeter-totter with rattling beads
  • Rocking parrot toy with rattle
  • Globe-shaped teether
  • Baby-safe mirror for self-discovery
  • Exersaucer lays flat for storage
  • Age: 4 months to 25 pounds
  • Requires 3 AA batteries (not included)3-point height adjustment grows with baby
  • Base with built-in stabilizers
  • Built-in toy tray

As for reviews, the Baby Einstein Exersaucer – Around The World DiscoveryCenter did great! 61 out of 79 reviewers gave it 4 to 5 stars, with 5 being the max. There were a few complaints that a couple of the toys were not easy to remove and therefore posed a problem when they needed to be cleaned. Also, shorter babies may have to wait a bit longer for their feet to touch the base. Other than that, most were extremely pleased with their Baby Einstein Exersaucer.

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I’m happy to have bought this!I have a picky baby. Belly time?…No. Play pen?…No. Activity mat…swing…ball pit…Bumbo…all equal crying and fussing within minutes. The Baby Einstein Exersaucer however, can get me about 45 minutes of entertained baby time a day. I really like that there are three options for sounds so that neither of us has to listen to the same four-note song over and over. Also, I like that there aren’t any boring spots. No matter where she has swiveled the seat, there are no bare areas and plenty of toys to grab and poke at.One concern-She’s 6mo old, 13.5lbs, and about 25″ and I already have it on the middle height setting, so I’m a little worried that she’ll outgrow the Baby Einstein Exersaucer before she gets going with the walking and shouldn’t be using it anyways.

By Heather  (Chesapeake, VA)


Most of the unit comes apart easily for cleaning.The music console has parent-friendly controls.You get 6-8 months of use out of this seat.The exersaucer is sturdy and can be re-gifted or donated.It’s unisex.You can hang other toys off the rings so the baby doesn’t get bored.


The lion is hard to remove and replace, but rarely gets dirty.

The drum isn’t very hollow so it doesn’t create a drum-like sound.Some plastic parts can not be sterilized or washed, as they warp and/or have stickers.

The pegs that balance the saucer to do not lock, but the saucer is flat enough that it doesn’t matter on a carpeted surface.Shorter babies may not be able to use this until they’re older.

My son is obsessed with trying to bite the penguins head. He also enjoys pressing the buttons on the music console. He will sit in the Baby Einstein Exersaucer seat for about 20-30 minutes at a time.